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Can You Really Call This A Hotel by EmilytheStoryWeaver Can You Really Call This A Hotel :iconemilythestoryweaver:EmilytheStoryWeaver 2 0 Enemy Approaching by EmilytheStoryWeaver Enemy Approaching :iconemilythestoryweaver:EmilytheStoryWeaver 2 0 Bring It In, Guys! by EmilytheStoryWeaver Bring It In, Guys! :iconemilythestoryweaver:EmilytheStoryWeaver 1 0
The Houseless
Chapter 1: The Sorting Hat
A hush fell over my ears. Fabric covered everything down to my nose. Among all my anxieties, such as is there a drama club here? and has this hat ever been washed?, a voice spoke inside my head. "Alexandra, hm? Nice name." 
I stiffened. Magic was weird.
"It is, isn't it?" chuckled the hat. It could read my thoughts? All of them?
"Temporarily, yes. It's the only way to sort you into houses properly, don't you think?"
Wow. Magical people took boarding school houses way too seriously. I wondered whether the hat could see my subconsious thoughts as well, or just the ones I was aware of. The hat ignored that thought, disappointingly.
"You're difficult to sort, my dear," admitted the hat eventually. I don't know how long I sat there thinking about my thoughts, but I was pretty deep in before the hat interrupted.
My face was getting sweaty from the thick fabric. "Can you hurry up, possibly?" I thought at it.
The hat somehow shook its
:iconemilythestoryweaver:EmilytheStoryWeaver 0 0
Pink and Mane
Commission for: Jaxn-Grey
Zaden was enjoying an icecream when someone small and pink dashed by. It was so fast, he just had to look. Floppy ears, psychedelic green eyes, and a panicked look on its face. Just as the guy passed out of his sight, a group of reptilian creatures, like crocodiles on two feet, barreled by in the same direction.
Usually he’d have ignored them and finished his ice-cream, but something about the scared look on that face drew him in, like he was responsible for the stranger’s wellbeing now. Besides, trying to outrun someone as fast as that would be a fun challenge.
With a regretful look at his ice cream, he tossed it into his mouth and swallowed it whole. Time to run. His four legs pounded across the city pavement, weaving around coffee table chairs and cars and pedestrians like nobody’s business. He laughed, shaking his mane in the air. He lived to run. Even now, when someone’s life was at stake, he felt adrenaline pump through him
:iconemilythestoryweaver:EmilytheStoryWeaver 1 1
A Lightning Strike Just Outside Chipotles
Commission for: Shining-Scribe

“You said you loved Chipotles.”
“I do.” Raina, the angel smiles just a little. “It is so warm.” She holds the uneaten burrito reverently.
Tanya sighs. “You’re supposed to eat it.”
Raina blinks in surprise. “This too?” She looks around at the other tables. “But I thought...”
After a moment, she shrugs. Tanya snorts. “We haven’t been out to eat often enough, have we?”
To anyone else, Raina’s expression would look exactly the same, but Tanya notices a tinge of embarrassment around the edges. “It is simply that there are so many other things to notice... I keep forgetting how much humans love food.”
Tanya takes a big bite out of the burrito. “You got that right. But you’ve gotta admit, the thing with the pizza had something to do with it too.”
Raina looks mildly indignant. “I cannot believe, even now, that you lied
:iconemilythestoryweaver:EmilytheStoryWeaver 1 3
A Moment in Hogsmeade
Commission for: Henuiitti
    Icy January air nipped at her face and fingers. People surged forward in a constant stream, coming out in twos and threes. Indigo kept shifting her feet, making little snow-angels with her shoes. She listened absently to warm chatter that filled the air, making the snow look bright and the cold look almost cheerful. Her hair and shoulders were covered in snowflakes. After years of covertly staring at him, they were finally going out. Well, this was the first time, but still. Nothing felt more nervous or exciting in the world at this moment.
At last he emerged from the crowd, wearing a grin so tiny it looked almost nervous. She could tell it was him from all the way over there because he was so tall, and of course by his carefully mussed-up red hair. And that unmistakable freckly nose.
“Filch was searching me for dung bombs,” he explained with a shrug as they caught up to each other. His eyes twinkled in typical Weasle
:iconemilythestoryweaver:EmilytheStoryWeaver 1 0
A Brief Crown
Commission for: n0ireclipse

Day 23.
Bodan doesn’t understand her at all. Even after three weeks, she’s completely unpredictable. One moment she’ll knock him on the head with her staff, and the next she’s trying to feed him ‘tiger niblets’. Of all the people he could have met after being exiled… well, he has to admit this is better than no one, but still. He couldn’t have asked for a weirder guide through these dark, starry deserts.
Her name is Sheridan. He knows nothing about her and everything about her. According to the squinty-eyed crazie herself, she’s a simple shepherd, leading anyone or anything she finds to where they want to go. Some of the animals she’s talked about, he’s never even heard of. And that’s it. How can that be it? Are peasants really so simple-minded that they’re content to wander around with a pack of sheep? Bodan doesn’t think could stand a life like that. It would have n
:iconemilythestoryweaver:EmilytheStoryWeaver 1 1
Commission for: slowpoke09
(Hey look, it's my very first writing commission!)

WARNING: This scene contains major spoilers for a novel slowpoke09 is planning to write about their original character, Nasuki/Seika.

Nasuki stood in front of him on the rooftop, trembling. “How dare you.” 
The world faded away, drowned out by the sound of the boy. Even his words felt garbled, like she was hearing him underwater.
“Oh no, rainbow eyes to the rescue. You and your ‘magic crystal’ can just leave. Both of you. Here I am in the peace and quiet, and you two just barge up here, kiss my ass for information on some kind of lesbian quest, and make up crap about an apocalypse--”
Everything else drained away, replaced with absolute certainty. Nobody hurt her friend. Nobody. Kaida had been so nice to him, too. She’d insisted on it. Their whole plight was lai
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Death by Elder Wand
A bat-like figure with long, greasy hair and coal black eyes treaded towards the tree.
It was the same tree that, so many years ago, his enemies had lured him towards, seeking to murder, or else transform him. Now, more than seventeen years later, he came again, summoned by the face of evil itself. Again, death was a possibility. The sick, burning irony of it all was that this time, he was the one risking his life for Potter.
The mark on his arm seemed to make all the muscles in his body tense with each passing minute. Lord Voldemort was waiting.
The wand in his pocket seemed hollow, useless. He had attempted to retreat to the Headmaster's office, or at least find Harry, but everywhere he turned, old friends were sending jinxes at him and students were shouting profanity. It was a heavy price to pay to defeat the dark lord. Everyone he knew hated him... But what else is new? , a nasty voice that sounded to him like Petunia whispered in his head.
The dark night seemed a year away from t
:iconemilythestoryweaver:EmilytheStoryWeaver 1 2
We Are Here
Look around.
It's not much, but
You are in the correct place.
you're alive
(moist innards and oxygen rings, the
suction-cuppy sippy-cuppy atom blasting life machines (your cells? your lungs? your heart?)
your bloody insides perform the thriving squelch, muculently cocooned
among little dreams and collections of yourself in quivering chambers.
forcing blood to your cheeks and words to your mouth,
grating fingernails of aliveness, dragging in oxygen gasp after gasp,
glistening slimy gold-leafed rhythms, 
fact: you mean it, quickly, say it--
you believe out of your mouth, you care, get out
and dream in your head often,
bitter iron-tastes sweetly linger, inside your body, you are
harder than nails and softer than silk, you are
moving cornrows of doubt, you are
deep in the piles among the heaps,
existing within this massive external uncontrollable universe--
 You're the one thing alive on the whole ruddy planet,
the constant,
a bodymindsoulthing, a be
:iconemilythestoryweaver:EmilytheStoryWeaver 1 3
Trivial Worries
    Trivial worries ticked through my mind. At least that's what I remembered later. Trees blurred, like little smudges on an expressionist canvas. One calculated tilt of the wrist, and my steering wheel glided sideways a fraction of an inch, roaring through a turn. My foot courted the gas pedal.
Nobody around. And this traffic light was long.
Worries, trivial worries, tugging at my leg. Was I running late? Had parent-teacher conferences started at four or four-thirty? 
I decided to hit the gas pedal.
My car went flying. Really, the reasons behind my husband’s ferrari purchase are beyond me. I drive it like a mini-van most of the time. 
Impact. After the crumpling sounds finished pounding in my ear and scraping out my heart, I realized: My light was red. A deep shade of scarlet bloomed on my face. I’d been going so fast.
An expensive black car with tinted windows. Just my luck.
The car door shut behind me wit
:iconemilythestoryweaver:EmilytheStoryWeaver 1 3


Undertale : Sans + SPEEDPAINT by maricaripan Undertale : Sans + SPEEDPAINT :iconmaricaripan:maricaripan 6,815 223 Artemis in Slytherin by iesnoth Artemis in Slytherin :iconiesnoth:iesnoth 115 49 Crossing of Paths by iesnoth Crossing of Paths :iconiesnoth:iesnoth 228 25 inkheart by mochamaxim inkheart :iconmochamaxim:mochamaxim 15 0 Four Founders reading by troopertrish Four Founders reading :icontroopertrish:troopertrish 16 4
Generosity at a Carnival
Balloon stand.
Crying child.
I guess I can spare one.
:iconpoeticalpha:PoeticAlpha 8 3
Professor Lupin and Remus by upthehillart Professor Lupin and Remus :iconupthehillart:upthehillart 329 32 Holly Short by Frappe7 Holly Short :iconfrappe7:Frappe7 52 42
let us run away
we can lie in the tall grass
talk about how we got
the scars on our knees,
and all the bittersweet memories
let’s be silhouettes against the sun
and after the light has gone
lay hands on skin and hands on hearts,
and hands pointed at the stars
let us warm our toes,
woven into cool soil
by flames flickering with laughter
as the sparks and the lights in your eyes
dance like fireflies all around.
:iconmiracle2:Miracle2 2 4
The Hand

As we walk streets devoid of color
he find his gold sun in the sky -
It makes me wonder if it's the hand
that makes the artist, or the eye?
:iconmiracle2:Miracle2 3 2
Week One Prompt - Vilipend
I taste the word
After reading it.
Lips form around the V
Touching gently on the P.
Teeth snap on the D.
It tastes bitter, cold
Like lemon and arsenic.
It’s touch is poison.
Many drink it willingly
Only to spew it back.
“Oh, you’re wearing that?”
“What is this, food for the common classes?”
“You really think you know what you’re doing? Oh sweetie.”

I listen and can hardly believe
The vitriol, the anger, the hate.
It’s all there in the words,
Flavored with the poison
Of lemon and arsenic vilipend.
:iconremanth:remanth 7 6
growth chart by ASSORTEDJELLIES growth chart :iconassortedjellies:ASSORTEDJELLIES 5,085 277 Sherlly contd. by iesnoth Sherlly contd. :iconiesnoth:iesnoth 279 101 Artemis B and W by iesnoth Artemis B and W :iconiesnoth:iesnoth 79 40 Jump by iesnoth Jump :iconiesnoth:iesnoth 83 47 Brothers and Partners by iesnoth Brothers and Partners :iconiesnoth:iesnoth 180 72



Priced commissions are now available, along with stories as long as 10,000 words! To celebrate this, I'll be more active on dA from now on. Shout out to everyone who requested a commission from me! I couldn't have gotten this far without you.
Hey all, I'm ready to expand the content I bring to your lovely selves. The question is, what should I do? This website is so huge and unfamiliar, I thought I'd start by asking you what to start with. 

Here's a poll:
(vote in the comments)

- Write movie and book reviews
- Hold a free-commission raffle
- Post my thoughts on various characters from various fandoms
- Write a series of writing-advice articles/tutorials
- Write add-on stories and/or host other writing games
- Post weekly writing prompts
- Hold an illustrate-my-story contest
- Write flash fiction and/or poetry based on your artwork
- Post my photography
- Write a choose-your-own-adventure episodic story where commenters decide what happens next
- Badly drawn (pencil-on-lined-paper) yet humorous comics
- Other

Want a commission? Here's the link!
Story Commissions [help me pay for college]Hi, my pen name is Emily Weaver. I've been writing stories (and reading about writing, and helping others with their writing) for 8 years. When I first started on dA a couple months ago, I gave out free commissions. Now that I've tested it out, I'm happy to say that I want to continue! ^.^
*For examples of my writing, go to my gallery. DeviantArt won't let me put links here.
Character Outline, Plot Outline, or Poetry: 2 MS Word pages or less - - -  $3
Flash Fiction: 500 words or less - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - $5
Short Story: 500-2500 words - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  $7
Medium Story: 2500-5000 words - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -$15
Long Story: Up to 10,000 words - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - $45 (you can make 3 payments of $15 for this)
Not sure which kind of story to r


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